Who We are

Our Principles

Our company operates on principles that change over time as we learn more about ourselves and the world. Principles guide us towards living better lives and creating better lives for others. These principles are defined by our founding team and growing community of consultants, partners, and advisors.

Our Principles

Dream big

Get creative

Follow the data

Optimize for the whole

Take ownership

Be brave

Love yourself

Support the success of others

Stay focused

Practice radical transparency

Fight bias

Our talented team

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Paul Prae

Paul advises executives on data science strategy and leads data engineering teams in the healthcare and life sciences industries. His technical specialty is in cloud operations working as a data platform architect. He spent the past 15 years working at AWS, Microsoft, Red Ventures, and Slalom Consulting delivering enterprise software solutions to Fortune 500 companies. Today, he runs Hyperbloom and is a resident cloud architect at the Center for Translational Research in Neuroimaging and Data Science.

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Alex Eversbusch

Alex is a full-stack engineer with a wealth of experience and a unique perspective. Over the past 5 years, he’s worked on numerous projects that have taken the pain out of customers’ most important operations and eased the burden on their engineers. His ability to identify key business challenges and craft innovative solutions that drive results has earned him a reputation as a skilled engineer with a strong focus on ROI.

Nicole Eubanks

Nicole is a full-cycle recruiter who has spent the past 8 years in the world of Life Sciences. She serves to identify businesses who are aligned with Hyperbloom's initiatives and connect AI leaders to our talented consultants. As a former clinical executive, she supports every project with a passion for evolving the possibilities within healthcare.

Vinod Nair

Vinod is an AI Architect & Researcher with over 15 years of experience in enterprise software, cloud and AI/ML. He has rich experience in all facets of software development from pre-sales & post-sales engagements to building and leading large multi-national product teams to deliver complex micro-services architectures on time and on budget.

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Adriana Thomas

Adriana is a UI/UX specialist.

Luca Bailey

Luca is a senior software engineer with 12 years of experience in full stack web development and artificial intelligence. They think and communicate clearly, know how to manage themselves and others, and are very good at evaluating technical trade-offs so that the numbers you care about go up and to the right.

Charles McNamara

Charles is an intermediate-level software engineer with 5 years of experience, focusing on web applications, data visualization, and AI-driven solutions. His diverse portfolio spans projects in business intelligence, education, healthcare, and news aggregation. Adept at working with various technologies and frameworks, Charles delivers innovative, user-friendly solutions tailored to clients' unique needs.

Ian Edwards

Ian is a senior engineer with 7 years of experience full-stack web development, a background in music education, and a passion for creative problem solving. He understands that knowing what to build is at least as important as knowing how to build and is skilled at both. He works quickly and carefully, iterating in a tight feedback loop with stakeholders keeping him focused on always building the right thing.

Mike Sheridan

Mike is a currently an Enterprise Architect and Solution Architect at a Fortune 500 client. He has over 20 years of full-stack software development experience including consulting at numerous Fortune 500 companies. Mike's skillset also includes cloud computing, DevOps, containerization, and data architecture/engineering.